Audition Info and Tips


What do I prepare?

We ask that you prepare a 16-32 measure song (approximately one-minute in length) and a memorized 60-second monologue. Both of these should be in the style of the show you are auditioning for. Sheet music, CD, or music saved on your phone (no streaming) is highly recommended. A cappella (no accompaniment) is not recommended. Make sure that both the song and monologue you choose are age appropriate. If you are interested in a particular character from the show, choose material that is similar to the behavior or characteristics of that character.  

What do the auditions consist of?

You will be expected to perform a song and a monologue. A short dance audition will follow. Comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes (tennis shoes or jazz shoes) are recommended for the dance portion.

What if I'm nervous?

Don't be! We are all here to have fun. Come into the audition room with confidence and a smile on your face! Show the judges you are comfortable being in front of people and you will rock that audition!

Why is behavior important in an audition?

Behavior is noted right when you step into the audition room so make sure you respect both the production team and your fellow audition group members. It is important that you stay quiet when others are auditioning so they aren't distracted or prevented from performing their material. This will make the audition process run as smoothly as possible.

What are callbacks?

Callbacks are basically another audition where certain characters from the show are read or sung for. Callbacks normally are the following day after the second night of auditions. You will be notified by a phone call from the production stage manager or other production team member if you are needed at callbacks for the show you auditioned for.

What if I don't receive a callback?

Don't be discouraged! If you don't receive a callback after your audition, that doesn't mean you are not cast in the show. Casting is like piecing together a puzzle and callbacks are utilized to make sure that puzzle is put together just right!

Audition Form

Upon arrival to your audition, please print and fill out 4 copies of the audition form provided below.